Stroke Risk in Black Americans: Expert Q&A
The risk of having a stroke, and dying of one, is higher for Black Americans than for other racial and ethnic groups. Find out why – and what helps prevent strokes.
CDC Could Cut COVID Isolation Time: What It Could Mean
The agency appears to be walking a fine line between reducing COVID transmission, including the JN.1 variant, and the reality that many people struggle to forgo work or school for days at a time.
Wegovy for Obesity in Kids?
There are many obesity treatments approved for kids. But aside from bariatric surgery, clinicians have few tools as effective as semaglutide.
Beyond the Shots: Focusing on Gut Health Can Aid Weight Loss
It might not produce results as dramatic as regular injections, but you can get everything you need in a grocery store, for far less money -- and this approach has the potential to improve your …
How to Build a Support Network for Schizophrenia Care
Schizophrenia caregiver support is essential to avoid burnout. Learn how to build a support network when you're a mental-health caregiver.
How to combat our addiction to ultra-processed eating The Standard American Diet (SAD) is packed with ultra-processed foods. These sugary, salty, and fatty food products make up more than half of the …

Advice to Adjust to Life

If you have idiopathic hypersomnia, you might need medication, talk therapy, or lifestyle changes. It can be a challenge to adjust to life with IH. But there are strategies that can help.

Some lawmakers call for review of decades-old law that governs hospital authorities like Atrium Health

By Michelle Crouch Three North Carolina legislators said they are interested in revisiting the state law that gives special privileges to hospital authorities such as Atrium Health, noting that …

Southern lawmakers rethink long-standing opposition to Medicaid expansion

By Daniel Chang and Andy Miller KFF Health News As a part-time customer service representative, Jolene Dybas earns less than $15,000 a year, which is below the federal poverty level and too low …

N.C. doctor who broke racial barriers left a lasting legacy

By Jaymie Baxley  An unassuming brick building in the shadow of Raleigh’s ever-rising skyline was once home to a trailblazing doctor who made North Carolina history several times over. Dr. …
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